Where in the World is your Doc?

The team at Kristal and Forche Orthodontics invites you to enter our “Where in the World is your Doc?” contest. Pick up your “Flat Doctor” photo at your next appointment or download below. Participate for your chance to win a $200 shopping spree at Easton Shopping Center!

Click Here to Download Dr. Kristal

Click Here to Download Dr. Forche

How to Enter

  1. Cut out the photo of Dr. Kristal or Dr. Forche and attach to a tongue depressor, popsicle stick, or straw. Take him with you wherever you go – on vacation, to a party, or just having fun around the house. Be creative – just keep him dry and away from your pets!!!
  2. Take a photo of your “Flat Doctor” with a digital camera or cell phone.
  3. Send us your photo through the form on our website’s contest page.
  4. Our team will select the top 5 photos as finalists, which will be posted on our website for everyone to view. Patients, families, and friends will decide who are the winners with an online vote.
  5. All entries are due by August 31st and we will post the finalists for voting on September 5th. Voting will run through September 15th. The winner will be notified by email and then posted to our site.

By entering a photo in the contest you are agreeing to allow us to use your photo on our website, blog, and social media pages. Participation is limited to patients only, but anyone can vote. Make sure to tell your friends and family!


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